Yes, GK pasta really cooks in just one minute!

If you’re used to cooking traditional pasta, you probably cook your noodles for eight minutes or more – but we’re here to remind you that skinnypasta cooks MUCH faster than that! Our GK pasta noodles, whether they’re fresh or even frozen, cook in one to two minutes max. Yes, really! Cook them any more than that and you’ll end up with mushy pasta…and no one likes that!

Now, everyone on our team is a little different in how they like to cook GK pasta, but the consistent theme is that no one cooks it more than 1.5 minutes! To give you an idea, here’s how our online community manager, Hayley Bendzik, cooks hers:

HIGH PROTEIN: From frozen, I place in boiling water for exactly 60 seconds, gently stirring/separating the noodles at around the 30-second mark. Then I remove them with tongs and add them straight to my saucepan (it’s okay if some water comes with them) and toss for another 60 seconds before serving.

SUPERFOOD TEFF: From frozen, I place in boiling water for exactly 90 seconds then strain in a colander. Then I add to my sauce, again tossing for 60 seconds, add a tsp of olive oil, toss some more and serve.

Michelle McIvor, our communications and public relations manager, cooks GK pasta similarly and says the best tip she has is to not separate or touch the noodles before throwing them into boiling water. She empties the package directly into the water, lets the pasta boil for 30 to 45 seconds, and then stirs gently to separate any noodles that are still together. And she never cooks the pasta more than 1.5 minutes!

So, rest assured your GK pasta will have the perfect texture if you stick to the recommendations we share on the box and on our website. It’s nutrition that tastes great – and takes no time to cook!