Vote for GK pasta SUPERFOOD TEFF fresh pastas in Alive magazine’s awards!

Hey GK fans, our SUPERFOOD TEFF fresh pastas are nominated in the 2016 Alive magazine awards! We’re in the natural foods, bars and beverages category – and we’d love your voting support.

natural-health-wellness-alive-awards-skinnypasta-superfood-teff-penneIf you haven’t tried our SUPERFOOD TEFF fresh pastas yet, what makes them so unique and healthy is the ingredient teff – the Ethiopian seed that’s a nutritional powerhouse!

Teff is high in fiber, low in carbs, low in calories and a good source of calcium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and vitamin C. Teff is all-natural, allergen-free and can be incorporated into almost any type of diet, including vegan diets, paleo diets and medically-induced diets for patients suffering from anything from diabetes or cancer to gastro-intestinal illnesses. Thanks to this powerful seed, SUPERFOOD TEFF fresh pastas are naturally gluten-free, nutrient-dense and a good source of vegan protein. And they cook in just two minutes!

Please take a couple of minutes to vote for us here. It’s a survey so you have to vote in every category and ours is 11th in the list.

Thank you so much for your support!