Get out of the aisles – and into the freezer section – to find skinnypasta!



We often receive questions about where exactly you can find skinnypasta fresh pastas in grocery stores – and for good reason. It’s a little confusing. Though we make everything from penne and spaghetti to linguine and fettuccine, we’re not grouped with the pastas in the dry goods aisles. Our fresh, high-quality pastas contain no additives or preservatives and need to be refrigerated, so you should be able to find them in the fridge section – but they’re not often stocked there. At most stores, you’ll find skinnypasta fresh pastas in the freezer section, right next to our frozen skinnypasta GLUTEN FREE meals!

Being in stores’ freezer or fridge sections highlights something we’re very proud of: skinnypasta products are fresh, with nothing artificial added to increase their shelf lives. But that’s not to say you need to cook skinnypasta as soon as you buy it! If stored in your freezer, skinnypasta fresh pastas will stay fresh for up to six months; if stored in your fridge, they’ll last up to four weeks. They will cook just as well (and quickly) once thawed, and even from frozen!

So, next time you’re in a grocery store wondering where to find skinnypasta, remember: get out of the aisles and into the freezer section!

(Photo from Calgary Co-op.)