skinnypasta is named healthy pasta eat to know

Gabriella’s Kitchen and Dana Harrison met through their shared love/love relationship with food and promoting positive nutrition behaviour. With a graduate degree from University of Massachusetts Amherst for nutrition science, Dana is now a nutritionist and educator based in Central MA and Greater Boston. For Dana, food serves more than its main purpose of nourishing the body; it represents something that she is eager to learn and teach about, something she is truly passionate about. For us at Gabriella’s Kitchen, it’s also something we’re passionate about, viewing food as both medicine to nourish our bodies, hearts, and souls, and as experiences to share with our friends and family.

Without further ado, here are the three recipes that Dana featured on her Instagram feed @Eats2Know, with skinnypasta as a pasta eat to know!

Meal prep spotlight: @gkskinnypasta protein fettuccine + @mina shakshuka sauce [#minashakshuka] + lean ground beef + peppers + @kouzinifoods olive oil + all of the spices. This meal took 15 minutes to cook [if you watched me on snapchat  you know] and hit the spot! Made extra meat sauce so that I can recycle it throughout the week. Loving this @gkskinnypasta — takes two minutes to cook, tastes great, and is super filling. Has anyone tried it? Just what I need after teaching a killer spin class– the entire class left everything in the spin room, and I was walking slowly after.

Late night goods. @gkskinnypasta protein linguine + avo cream sauce [avocado + olive oil + fresh basil + garlic +s/p]. Sauce inspo: @thymeandtoast. Truth: summer lighting is fading fast and there’s avo sauce in all areas of this bowl, but I’m still showing it bc gotta keep it real. Every now and then we get reminded that life is short. Tonight was one of those times. My late night Monday mantra is serving as a reminder– to show love, appreciation, and admiration to others in the now, rather than waiting. Heck, right now, if you’re up for it.

Meal prep spotlight: @gkskinnypasta protein superfoods penne + @traderjoeslist Italian chicken sausage + @kouzinifoods olive oil + lots of fresh basil + all of the spices. This meal took 9 minutes to cook. Nine. With no meal prep. Sing it with me, whoop there it is. Seriously feeling the aftermath of the stadium workout + all of the spin I’ve been teaching. Time to relax before bed. This is MONDAY NIGHT ✌️