Formerly a NFL and CFL running-back, Jesse is now focused on powering the Canada two- and four-man bobsleighs, piloted by Lyndon Rush. Jesse and Lyndon teamed up to win the silver medal at the 2012 World Championships, in addition to winning one gold and one silver in two-man action on the World Cup circuit.

Jesse’s favorite Gabriella’s Kitchen™ pasta is the high-protein spaghetti with his own home made sauce and deer sausage. He says he eats our high protein spaghetti whenever he is craving pasta and that the high protein content makes it a great option post-workout as well. Jesse is excited about our product because it’s non-GMO, low-carb, high-protein and it tastes great! As an athlete, he says he’s very particular about what he puts into his body and that Gabriella’s Kitchen™ meets all of the criteria on his list.

Jesse accompanied Margot, our CEO, on her Dragon’s Den pitch in January 2015 and says that “facing the Dragons was a fun experience. It can be quite intimidating because that sort of situation can make you or break you. I certainly admire all of the work the Dragons put in to get into those seats, and I thought the team did a great job on the pitch — Margot in particular handled the Dragons very well. They were aggressive and confrontational and Margot gave it right back to them. Was great to see our founder have such passion and confidence in our company.”