Gary Hall, Jr. is an entrepreneur, board member, patient advocate and consultant focused on board support, strategic alliance, marketing, clinical distribution, medical research and patient engagement. He has a wealth of experience in conceptualizing initiatives, mobilizing patient advocacy support and creating organizational partnerships.

Using accomplishment in sport as a platform to advance diabetes advocacy for over 17 years, Gary amassed an influential network of policy makers, healthcare industry, diabetes, medical research, nutrition, not-for-profit, philanthropic, sport, physical activity, sports medicine and sports science organizations.

10 Olympic Medals: Swimming

Olympic Hall of Fame

Type 1 Diabetes

Gary recently presented at the Vatican, Aspen Institute, American Heart Association, American College of Sports Medicine, International Olympic Committee Medical Commission, National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute and a variety of other prestigious association meetings.

Gary currently serves as partner at TAG, International. He also serves the Sanford Health International Board, Aspen Institute Project Play Advisory Group, National Youth Sports Health & Safety Institute Leadership Board, Chairman, Quint Events International Board, GK skinnypasta™ Advisor, Myrtha USA consultant, LoYakk Advisory Board and the University of Arizona Department of Surgery Advisory Board.

“As an athlete with Type 1 Diabetes, I have two good reasons why I should eat healthy. For me, less carbohydrates means less insulin injections, better health and longer life,” says Gary. “Every diabetes educator stresses the importance of diet and exercise. However, it’s difficult to make the right food choices all of the time. We’re told to reduce carbohydrates, to eliminate rice and pasta. With 1/3 the carbs, skinnypasta™ makes doing the right thing enjoyable.”