Arianne got her start in luge following the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, when she attended a summer recruitment camp at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta. Luge is a gravity-based sport and with Arianne being one of the smallest sliders on the World Cup Luge circuit, this means she has a constant disadvantage as she battles against women much heavier than her. Food, therefore, is critical in her life. Food is used for recovery from workouts, to gain critical muscle weight and for sheer enjoyment. But she is not about to put just any food in her system; it is important for her to have good, healthy food and a very balanced diet. Arianne says, “My body is my job, so what goes into it is a top priority for me. I am lucky to have Gabriella’s Kitchen™ on my team, as I am always confident that when I cook their pasta it will taste good, make me feel great and fit into my nutritional guidelines.”

Regularly fighting her way into the top eight on the World Cup Circuit, the pint-sized slider made her Olympic debut in 2014 in Sochi, Russia, where she finished 13th. Arianne built on that Olympic experience during the 2014-15 season, when she slid to the bronze medal at the World Cup in Calgary. It was a memorable day in Canadian luge history as Jones shared the podium with teammate Alex Gough, who finished second. Standing on the podium only fuels Arianne to set and achieve bigger goals. Arianne remains focused on returning to the Olympics in 2018 and trains twice a day, five days a week at a minimum. She also loves to incorporate other activities into her training schedule, including swimming, surfing, skiing, hiking, biking and rock climbing.