Nutrition Works NY shares favorite gluten free superfood recipes

Sammi Haber is a NYC-based Registered Dietitian with an equal love for Brussels sprouts and chocolate chip cookies. Through her practice Nutrition Works NY, Sammi helps individuals reach their health and wellness goals without giving up favorite indulgences…Did someone say “pasta”?

Sammi received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics with a Clinical Nutrition concentration from New York University and what we might love most about her is that she believes that a healthy diet is one that includes both vegetables and chocolate! (Find her @veggiesandchocolate on Instagram) We share in her belief that eating healthy is a lifestyle that should be easy to sustain and enjoy.

In addition to creating delicious and nutritious meals and supporting others to do the same, Sammi is an avid fitness enthusiast. She spends most days running, trying different workout classes, or walking the streets of Manhattan. After learning about the ingredients and nutrition in GK pasta, Sammi connected with Gabriella’s Kitchen to try GK pasta SUPERFOOD TEFF fresh pastas for herself, as part of her balanced lifestyle. 

Sammi especially loves the protein and fibre content in our pasta to keep her full, and the fact that it cooks in just 1.5 minutes. “What more could you ask for?” she says. Check out her recipes below and as featured on her Instagram!

SUPERFOOD TEFF Penne Greek style with sautéed zoodles, burst heirloom tomatoes, and feta

SUPERFOOD TEFF Penne and roasted green beans with Parmesan cheese

SUPERFOOD TEFF Macaroni and cheese with peas

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