Nourishing, allergy aware food for everyone

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we pride ourselves on making nutritious and delicious pastas for everyone to enjoy. Our award-winning pastas are packed with good-for-you ingredients – which is a bonus if you’re looking for that kind of thing (and by “thing” we mean top-notch nutrition!) – and, best of all, they have the amazing taste and texture we all love. Keep in mind that if you or any of your loved ones have allergies, we have pastas to meet your needs, too!

Since May is “Food Allergy Awareness Month”, we’re offering a discount on our most allergy-friendly products as shown below. Simply enter “ALLERGYAWARE” at checkout for $1.50 off each qualifying product below.

We’ve also created a recipe for the occasion usingskinnypastaTM  SUPERFOOD TEFF penne. Free from the most common allergens, our Hemp Pesto Penne is absolutely delicious and nutritious. Watch the recipe video and download it at home by clicking here. With GK skinnypastaTM no one has to be left out at dinnertime!

Recipe: Allergy Aware Hemp Pesto Penne