New Year, New Mom, New Habits

For as many New Years as I can remember, I’ve set some kind of fitness-related resolution for myself – beat my personal best at a 5-kilometer race, run a half-marathon, or commit to a new type of workout (looking at you, Barre class). And while I’m setting a resolution for myself again this year, my goal is a little different: learn to love working out at home.

As I juggle having a nearly four-month-old baby boy with working from home for GK, I’ve already mastered the art of quick meals — thanks to GK pasta — and of even quicker showers (if I actually get around to showering; I’m a real treat these days.). What’s taken me longer to embrace is the reality that it’s a lot harder now to get out to the workouts I’d been loving for the year or two prior to baby, namely spin and boot camps at a couple of gyms around town. But I’m quickly realizing how fantastic it is to exercise at home.

First of all, it’s so flexible. As soon as I put our baby down for his first or second nap of the day, I log into my Nike Training Club app and get into my workout. If you haven’t checked out the free app, I highly recommend it; you can choose workouts based on time available, whether you have equipment available or not and what your goal is. You can even have a tailor-made plan set up for you, which I’ve done and have been loving. Most times, I’m able to finish my workout by the time the little guy wakes up. If not, he watches me lunge or burpee my way to the end of the workout. (Based on his expression below, he thinks I’m nuts.)

Second of all, working out at home is incredibly affordable. Even after I buy some hand weights and a yoga mat, which I’ve been borrowing so far, the cost will be virtually nothing compared to what I’ve paid in the past for gym memberships and classes. I’m nowhere near being bored with the Nike app yet but I may eventually subscribe to another program to mix things up; a friend has recommended this trainer’s app. Again, the cost is minimal compared to a drop-in rate for just one class.

Last, it feels really good to know that I don’t need to rely on intense classes and gyms to stay in shape. Doing something small every day – whether it’s a workout in my living room or going for a walk with our baby – is what I’m shooting for this year. At GK, we know that healthy living is all about embracing healthy habits, day in and day out, so I’m excited to embrace my new routine as a mom. Here’s to a healthy 2017!