Margot Micallef, our inspiring CEO, reflects on her third bikini competition


In July 2016, I competed in my third bikini competition during the Vancouver Pro/Am and Expo 2016, the British Columbia bodybuilding provincials. This was my third competition and the first time I didn’t place, but I was still happy with the outcome. I felt that my posing and physique were better than in prior competitions so, ultimately, I feel like I’m progressing! My attitude is that it’s not about placing, it’s not about winning; it’s about being the best I can be and being true to the physique that I want to have.

I’m 57 years old and was competing in the 45 and over group, so I was quite a bit older than a lot of the competitors. Some of them were more built out than I was. It’s really hard with the bikini competition because there’s a lot of subjectivity, so if everyone is built out, then you need to built out, but if they’re more shapely then you need to be, too. I like balance in my life and fueling myself with natural foods and spices. To me it’s all about health and wellness. Competing is just something that keeps me on track towards my fitness goals.

The first time I entered a competition, I did it to get out of my comfort zone. I find it really challenging to be onstage and to put myself out there like that. I’m dying for the day when it gets comfortable, because then I’ll be able move on to something else!

To prepare for the competition in July, I was lifting weights and doing endurance cycling to prepare for a couple of 100-kilometre bike races this summer. I hired a nutritionist for the first time to ensure I was eating right for both activities. The only big change to how I normally eat was that, on endurance days, I would consume more calories than on bodybuilding days. She even encouraged me to drink coffee for a bit of a boost before endurance activities, which I don’t normally have. Otherwise, it was pretty similar to how I normally eat.

Now that the competition is over, I’m keeping up with my cycling, boxing and weights, and I’m throwing in the odd gymnastics and yoga classes for flexibility. And I have my sights set on another bikini competition in November! I really think serious bodybuilding is the fountain of youth. I’m in better shape than I ever have been. It’s such an empowering sport, physically and mentally!