How to make 2017 your healthiest year yet

The New Year is just around the corner, which means we’re all thinking about our goals, plans and dreams – especially as they relate to empowering healthy living! To help inspire us all, we asked our incredible team of brand ambassadors to share their tips on how to make 2017 our healthiest year yet. Here’s what they had to say:

“I think the biggest tip to start 2017 off with a healthy, committed start is to set some SMART goals. Make sure they are realistic, short-term, measurable, attainable and have a time goal and, of course, a reward for accomplishing!”

“Be prepared!  Throw out any of the junk food, leftover goodies from the holidays and anything else that will be a temptation.igning up for a class – boxing, spin, cardio, etc. – to hold you accountable!”

“Sign up for a class – boxing, spin, cardio, etc. – to hold you accountable!”

“Go meatless, or at least every Monday. Try new recipes and have fun with it, for example this vegetarian GK pasta and meatballs..”

“Pre-plan and prep your meals for the week, even if that means just pre-cutting the vegetables you’ll need. Pick a day to get your prep work done and make it a part of your routine.”

“Plan workouts with friends to help keep each other accountable. Plus, working out with friends is just more fun!”

“Swap out regular pasta and other empty-calorie foods for healthier alternatives like GK pasta.”

We wish you all a happy, healthy start to your New Year! Here’s to 2017!