(Italian) Mama Said Knock You Out

GK TEAMMargot Micallef, our inspiring founder and CEO, is one tough cookie. On November 19, 2015, she stepped into the boxing ring to raise funds to help eliminate diarrhea in Ghana. At The Clean Fight in Calgary, she and more than 10 other women put on their gloves to compete – and, more importantly, to raise funds for building hygienic latrines and hand-washing facilities. The fight was part of iDE Canada’s Clean Fight series, which took place in Calgary and Winnipeg, and all of the women trained for months leading up to the event.

We don’t mean to brag (too much!), but Margot was the top fundraiser – raising more than $8,500. As a team, the Calgary fighters were an impressive bunch; they raised more than $65,000 altogether!

A group of us from Gabriella’s Kitchen went to cheer Margot on and had a great time. Watching her in the ring, duking it out with her competitor, we all felt inspired to workout harder. Some people in our group were so inspired that they said they might compete in The Clean Fight next year. The rest of us, well, we’d be slightly terrified to take punches. Kudos to all of the women who competed that night, especially to our fit and fierce CEO, Margot!