Have you heard? Goat cheese is healthy — and it tastes great with GK pasta!

breakfast carbonara

Goat cheese is creamy and delicious and, best of all, it’s surprisingly healthy! According to some things we recently came across* online, goat cheese offers the following health benefits and then some:

– it’s lower in fat and calories, while being higher in protein, than cheese made from cow’s milk

– its calcium helps to rev you metabolism

– it’s low in sodium and cholesterol

– it contains more vitamin D, K, thiamine and niacin than cheese made from cow’s milk

Having read about all of goat cheese’s benefits, we couldn’t help but come up with a couple GK pasta dishes to incorporate the cheese into our diets. First, check out our breakfast carbonara on the left. Hayley, our social media manager, fried a bit of back bacon in butter, tossed it with HIGH PROTEIN Linguine, goat cheese, a hint of lemon, and topped it all with free range eggs and ground pepper. The result? A high-protein dish with healthy fats and resistant starches, otherwise known as a great way to fuel the rest of your day.

She also made a creamy honey pesto linguine with honey balsamic brussel sprouts on the side. For this pasta dish, she used olive oil, cashew basil pesto, honey, skinnypasta HIGH PROTEIN Linguine and topped it all with goat cheese and ground pepper.

Both dishes were delicious and quick-to-make, not to mention nutritious. With skinnypasta HIGH PROTEIN Linguine, or any of our high protein noodles, as a base, it’s hard to go wrong. Next time you make it, keep goat cheese in mind for the perfect, delicious way to top it all off!

honey pesto linguine