What are you going to start, stop and continue in 2018?

We’re well into the New Year now – time is flying! – and, here at GK, we’ve all been thinking about our plans and goals for the year. Aside from our collective mission, to change the way the world eats by creating nutritious and delicious foods, we have some personal resolutions that we thought we’d share with all of you. When we asked our team what they’d like to start, stop and continue, this year, here’s what they had to say:

John Shaw, Sr. VP North American Sales
This year, I want to start exercising daily, stop sweating the small stuff and continue to enjoy every minute with my children.

Wendy Lockhart, VP Canadian Sales
This year I want to start pushing, stop sending wordy emails and continue to spend as much time outside as possible.

Eric Snelgrove, Director of Analytics and Inventory
This year, I want to start thinking proactive, stop acting reactive, and continue eating delicious and nutritious high protein pasta.

Marc Whitehead, Chief Marketing Officer
This year, I want to start knocking off books on my “must read” list, stop complaining and embrace miserable weather, and continue  busting the myth that pasta can’t be healthy and tasty at the same time.

Krystal Meade, Customer Support and Brand Ambassador Coordinator
Start: a realistic fitness routine! I’d like to do a 5km run in May (if things go well I might up it to a 10 km). First step, make an appointment with a trainer. There are free personal trainers at work!
Stop: having cookies with my breakfast! This is funny, but serious too. I have a major sweet tooth, and I’d like to manage it better.
Continue: travelling in 2018! I was lucky toward the end of 2017 to do some adventuring, and I don’t want that to stop!

Michelle McIvor, Public Relations and Communications Manager
This year, I want to start drinking more water, stop using social media as a mindless escape, and continue to make time for things that are important to me, especially travel and exercise.

Naz Daya, Digital Marketing Manager
This year, I want to start reading more, stop doubting myself so much, and continue to smile, laugh and have a positive attitude!

Jeff Bond, Production Developer
Start: culling lines of thought from disparate fields, incorporating them into the culinary
Stop: relying on default settings, one’s own and other’s
Continue: the remaining pages in Nathan Myhrvold’s 6-volume Modernist Cuisine

How about you? What are you going to start, stop and continue in 2018? We’d love to hear! Happy New Year, everyone.