Gabriella continues to inspire us all

Our CEO Margot recently received a lovely note from a friend about how her sister Gabriella, for whom our company is named, continues to inspire her to live a healthy life. Gabriella passed away from cancer in 2012 but her legacy lives on through the many lives she touched, not to mention the work we do at Gabriella’s Kitchen. We thought we’d share this uplifting note from Debra Babrant about Gabriella because it brightened our day; we hope it brightens yours, too! And to read more about how Margot and Gabriella created the original GK pasta together, head here.

Hi Margot,

Thought you might like to know that your sister still inspires me. I have a picture of her that I printed from your website and placed it right above my desk. On Sunday I did a walk/run of the Dinosaur Half Marathon and I have your sister in part to thank for keeping me going during my training after a 2-week period injured. Aren’t sisters great!? I have my own sister Terese to thank too for helping me to modify the remainder of my training. I completed the half in pretty crappy weather with a wardrobe malfunction and doing what I consider to be major hills in the badlands and not the few small hills as posted on their website, I wasn’t last and lo and behold was 2nd among females in the 60+ category lol! Let’s not mention that there were only 2 of us 😉

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I smile when I happen to glance at Gabriella’s picture.

Take care!