Have you heard? The latest food trend is breakfast pasta

If there is one thing that all of my friends know about me, it’s that I love eggs. Fried eggs, poached eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, and even baked eggs. I’m talking eggs benedict, egg scrambles, omelettes, frittatas, quiche, you name it, I’ll eat it – for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Noting my self-proclaimed egg addiction, when I joined the skinnypasta team over two years ago I also discovered a new way to enjoy my eggs: with pasta! In fact, if you’ve been following skinnypasta for a while now, you’ve likely seen a number of my pasta creations featuring eggs. There is something about that first cut into a perfectly cooked egg yolk and the way it coats each noodle that is simply irresistible. (Video) As I have learned, breakfast pasta is a seriously satisfying way to start your day.

So when I came across the headline Breakfast pasta is the newest foodie trend that hipster cafes are serving up you know I nodded my head in agreement and excitedly clicked the link to learn more. Photos of many different breakfast pasta dishes appeared and my stomach started rumbling. Feeling proud to have been eating breakfast pasta “before it was cool”, I took to Google to further investigate the trend and also found this article Breakfast Pasta Is the Brilliant New Food Trend You’ve Gotta Try that provides four easy steps to the perfect breakfast pasta. In short-form:

  1. Pick your skinnypasta
  2. Pick your veggies
  3. Pick your sauce
  4.  Add your egg

The other thing this article touched on was the health benefits of breakfast pasta, namely that it provides the perfect combination of nutrients to sustain you for the rest of your day. The protein and fibre offered in a skinnypasta and egg combo is exactly what you need to keep you feeling fuller longer, and depending on which noodle, sauce, and veggies you choose, a plethora of vitamins and minerals will satisfy your cells on every level, and that includes taste buds!

Without further ado, please enjoy photos of some of my creations below. And I’d love to see yours, too, so share them with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and hashtag #NourishPassion, which is what we believe all food should do!

skinnypasta HIGH PROTEIN fettuccine

+ Bell peppers, green onion, cherry tomatoes

+ Hollandaise sauce

+ 1 soft poached free range egg

Extra: Chia seeds and Canadian bacon

skinnypasta SUPERFOOD TEFF macaroni

+ Kale pesto

+ 2 soft boiled free range eggs

Extra: Lactose-free Swiss cheese, grated

skinnypasta HIGH PROTEIN linguine

+ Cherry tomatoes

+ Basil pesto

+ 1 soft poached free range egg

skinnypasta HIGH PROTEIN linguine

+ Lemon zest

+ Carbonara sauce (Olive oil, Parmesan cheese, egg, pasta water, pepper)

+ 1 soft poached free range egg

skinnypasta SUPERFOOD TEFF penne

+ Creamy tomato sauce

+ 1 baked free range egg

Extra: Chia seeds

Plus, here’s one from our Marketing Intern Meaghan Dampsey

skinnypasta HIGH PROTEIN fettuccine

+ Kale, cherry tomatoes, avocado

+ Olive oil and roasted red pepper flakes

+ Scrambled egg whites