The most common GK pasta mistake

Tasty on BuzzFeed just ran a great little story called 12 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making While Cooking Pasta, which got us thinking about the most common mistake we hear of when people tell us about their own experiences cooking GK pasta. Drumroll, please. Yes, the biggest mistake people often make is overcooking our fresh HIGH PROTEIN and SUPERFOOD TEFF noodles. Overcooked noodles = a mushy mess, and no one wants that.

So here we are with a friendly reminder that all of our fresh pastas cook in one to two minutes maximum, depending on how al dente you like your noodles. Be sure to set a timer so you don’t overcook the pasta; one to two minutes of cooking time goes by in a flash! On that note, we also suggest preparing the rest of your dish before you even throw GK pasta into boiling water. With the rest of your dish ready, you’ll be able to add your pasta directly to your sauce, as soon as it’s drained (we totally agree, BuzzFeed!).

Now, off to cook GK pasta, you chefs, you. Every night is a perfect night for pasta.