Bubble Child Cook names SUPERFOOD TEFF the best gluten-free pasta on the market!

What an honour! Bubble Child Erica von Trapp named skinnypasta SUPEFOOD TEFF “honestly the best gluten free pasta” she’s ever had.

In her  blog post Erica admits that it’s common for foods to be “less good” in their gluten free form but takes pasta off this list after making a Vegan Avocado Alfredo dish with our gluten free and vegan penne!
For those of you who don’t normally eat gluten free or vegan, this recipe will shatter any pre-concieved notion that gluten free vegan food isn’t delicious.

And for those of you who who do choose a gluten free or vegan lifestyle, this recipe is sure to become a regular in your meal plans. Not to mention it makes a great dish to serve friends and family because regardless of diet who can resist a hot, creamy bowl of pasta?

If we didn’t have you at Avocado Alfredo or best gluten-free pasta on the market, have we mentioned how nutrient dense this meal is too? One 200g box makes 2 servings, and each serving is packed with 9g vegan protein, 6g fibre, 170% manganese, 100% copper, 50% zinc, 25% iron and NO cholesterol. Combined with avocado, garlic, and coconut cream get ready to fee alive and nourished!

Full printable recipe + video here.

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And last but not least, if you try this recipe at home, post a pic on social #NourishPassion for a repost, or leave us a comment below!

Thanks again Erica for sharing with us, and we can’t wait for more videos from you.