Breaking news: my picky baby is eating gabbypasta

When we started introducing solid foods to our baby’s diet, I had big ideas about what he’d eat. Since my husband and I aren’t picky eaters, we assumed our little guy, Hudson, wouldn’t be, either. I had visions of him eating frittata bites, gobbling up sweet potato mash and snacking on hummus. I was oh. so. naive.

We’ve tried giving him all kinds of foods over the last seven months and, while I’m happy to report his palate is slowly expanding, I’m certain he’s surviving on his own four food groups: Cheerios, yogurt, toast and fruit. Veggies, you ask? He’ll eat cucumber but throws everything else onto the floor. Protein? He eyes it suspiciously. He once picked up a piece of scrambled egg, shivered and set it back down.

You can understand, then, when I almost cried for joy watching him eat our gabbypasta SUPERFOOD TEFF Macaroni and Cheese. The entree is made with our award-winning teff pasta, which is packed full of good-for-you nutrients and is also a good source of protein and fiber. I love how convenient the meal is, too. As his entree heats in the microwave for three to four minutes, I can get an extra cuddle in, prep my own lunch or, as I did today, dump the little pile of Cheerios he’d hidden in my running shoe.

We’ve since offered him gabbypasta SUPERFOOD TEFF Sweet Red Pepper Penne, but weren’t as successful. (I can’t say I was too sad about it; as I found out, gabbypasta kids’ meals are delicious and satisfying for adults.) But I’ll take our small victories where I can get them. I’m thrilled we can add our nutritious mac and cheese into the menu mix and I think Hudson must be, too. I haven’t spotted a single shiver.